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Just when you thought Loony Lenny couldn’t get any more delusional, he outdoes himself.

Loony Len brings another entertaining pile of delusional bullpoop!
Loony Len brings another entertaining pile of delusional bullpoop!

First he claimed that Trudeau/GIN going down was all due to Abe. Now he claims that he is the reason why GIN is going down! Just when you thought his delusions couldn’t get any further warped!:


As Cosmic Blogger Connie Schmidt, noted in a discussion on Facebook, it hasn’t been “2 years” since Lenny was fired – it was actually only in May 2012, so only 17 months – a full 7 months away from being 2 years. But then again, the little twerp has never been any good with numbers. Remember earlier this year, he was claiming his new IMBSingU club was well founded and second to none!

And let’s all remember, as a reminder (like you lot need one! ;p ), that there are those who were highlighting Trudeau’s scammy scammer scam ways, years before Loony Lenny was on the run from being a sexual deviant and before Abe was done popping zits in high-school.

The only soul Lenny is anything of, is the one on a shoe that walks in bullpoop! Oh, wait, that’s sole – meh, same difference and neither Lenny nor Abe can tell the difference anyway given their kindergarden spelling level!

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 9.01.45 PM

But, if you’ve been following the posts here and elsewhere, or if you were on the cruise last year before Coldwell was fired and started crying about it, you’ll know fine well that while many did think it was a bad thing for him to be taken out of GIN, equally as many thought it was a God-send! I for one, did not enjoy listening to him cussing on stage, in front of children and then looking at them and joking about it! There were other reasons too, but either way, I was happy when he was canned!

It was a pleasure not having to listen to his bullshit anymore!

The trouble with Coldwell is, he believes he’s above everyone. Sadly the only time that’s true is when he stands on a step-ladder.    A tall one.


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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