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Picture and update added below 30/10/13.

Loony Lenny Coldwell is making new claims that he and only he produces results like no other human being.

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In more desperate attempts to bloat his already over-inflated ego / stomach, Loony Lenny Coldwell, that fake doctor who ludicrously claims, without a shred of evidence, that he has personally cured more than 35,000 people of cancer, and that anyone, including children who has cancer, deserves it and got it through their own fault, now claims that he cured a woman’s phobia of dancing!! (Also known as Chorophobia, and an excellent article on it and how to cure it can be found on this site).

But more than that, he claims that he and only he, can do this like no other human being! (Although HERE’S A LIST of people much greater than Coldwell, who have achieved a lot more than the sexually deluded one could ever hope for!

(Gintruth does not agree nor disagree with the findings of this list, but believes it contains more credible names than Coldwell.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 7.37.22 PM

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Never mind that the grammar is piss poor, and that I have doubts as to the authenticity of the claims anyway, but this seems to be pretty much standard Lenny practice for trying to put bums-on-seats, at events falsely advertised as reunions or 2nd annual meeting, in the first year of business.

Incidentally, Lenny must be still butt hurt that his former BFF Kevin Trudeau, is not in jail. Perhaps that explains why Lenny and Abe Husein are full of shit? In the meantime, Trudeau is still free to make a living, a legitimate one, but is not allowed to fund his lifestyle using any current assets under present businesses, as this recent pdf court document shows. (Thanks Connie 🙂 )

Let me tell you a little story Lenny. Because your story is about as believable and exciting, as watching tartan grass grow.

Back in 1996, when you were still a pervert in Germany and trying to bullshit your way into the American Dream, with false Ph.D’s, name changes to hide your sexually deviant past in zee Farzaland and no doubt, sexually molesting more women by telling them they had cancer, I was working in the great State of Connecticut, while attending Danbury College and Yale (to complete my Company Law module), as a Camp Counsellor on a popular kids activity summer camp.

Apart from the unforgiving heat, bugs that mugged you on the way to the washroom and the occasional skunk that would be hand-fed cookies, teaching under privileged kids how to abseil, zip-line, ride trails, archery, crafts, and many other fun things, was one of the best times of my life.

Much of that though, would have fallen into the recesses of memory, if it hadn’t been for one young 11 year old girl in particular. I’ll call her Michelle (not her real name) for the purposes of this story.

Michelle didn’t like to do a whole lot of stuff. She didn’t like people too much, never had a reason to like them. Family upheaval, single parent upbringing, abuse, bullied at school – you get the picture. So on one of my days off, I was taking a casual swim in the ‘pool’ on the lake, getting some much needed cooling down from the sun. Michelle was sitting on the side of the ‘pool’ (basically some jetties laid out in a square shape to make a pool area in the lake), alone and not looking happy, so I went over to where she sat and asked what was wrong.

No answer

Asked her why she wasn’t off with the other kids having fun.

Didn’t like the other kids, because they didn’t like her.

I later found out that the other kids did in fact ask her to join them on activities, all the time.

Asked her if she wanted to swim. She didn’t know how. So I said I could teach her.


It took about ten minutes just to get her in the water up to her ankles, as she was literally terrified of the water. Hence, step one achieved: overcome fear of water.

The next half an hour was spent assuring her that the water was not deep and that she could happily sit in it, without going any further. Step two achieved: trust the water and your teacher.

Step three was the hardest: get her floating on the water, using a large buoyancy aid. I managed to do this by telling her all she had to do was literally lay down in 5 inches of water, holding on to the aid, and go nowhere, facing the shore. Success!

Finally with some smiles on her face, she was ready to venture a little further into the water, with the buoyancy aid firmly tucked under her arms and across her torso, so long as I didn’t let her sink.

For the next two hours, she happily ‘swam’ around, with the aid and with me assuring her she was okay on her own, she found herself having fun for the first time in goodness knows how long, and her fear of water gone!

Yay me!

Michelle spent the next few days swimming in that ‘pool’, and by the end of the week, was splashing around happily, without the aid and with the other kids! Not only that, but she found a new enthusiasm for joining in with the others in various events, for the rest of the summer.

By the time that summer camp season was coming to a close, she was a much better person in herself and had new friends in tow everywhere she went. Her newfound confidence in herself though, was the most rewarding thing for both her and myself. I had changed someone’s life for the better and it felt great!

So you see Lenny, you’re absolutely NOT the only human being to produce results like no other. And the fact that you think you are, is proof enough that you are a man that should be clearly investigated for fraud, delusion and illness of the highest mental disorder. While you’re at it, take Peter Wink and Abe Husein along with you too. Because those two morons are clearly mentally challenged too.

In fact Lenny, given the way the excerpt is written, and how you sign off on it at the end with your trademark shitty grammar showing the same writing consistency throughout, I doubt highly that you removed any blockages from anyone at all!

There seems to be only one real blockage Lenny, and that’s the one that has obviously resulted in your ass being constipated so much, that it has to come out of the other end in the form of pure bullshit!

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 8.43.14 PM

UPDATE: 30/10/13.

First he claimed that Trudeau/GIN going down was all due to Abe. Now he claims that he is the reason why GIN is going down! Just when you thought his delusions couldn’t get any further warped!:


As Cosmic Blogger Connie Schmidt, noted in a discussion on Facebook, it hasn’t been “2 years” since Lenny was fired – it was actually only in May 2012, so only 17 months – a full 7 months away from being 2 years. But then again, the little twerp has never been any good with numbers. Remember earlier this year, he was claiming his new IMBSingU club was well founded and second to none!

And let’s all remember, as a reminder (like you lot need one! ;p ), that there are those who were highlighting Trudeau’s scammy scammer scam ways, years before Loony Lenny was on the run from being a sexual deviant and before Abe was done popping zits in high-school.

The only soul Lenny is anything of, is the one on a shoe that walks in bullpoop! Oh, wait, that’s sole – meh, same difference and neither Lenny nor Abe can tell the difference anyway given their kindergarden spelling level!

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 9.01.45 PM

But, if you’ve been following the posts here and elsewhere, or if you were on the cruise last year before Coldwell was fired and started crying about it, you’ll know fine well that while many did think it was a bad thing for him to be taken out of GIN, equally as many thought it was a God-send! I for one, did not enjoy listening to him cussing on stage, in front of children and then looking at them and joking about it! There were other reasons too, but either way, I was happy when he was canned!

It was a pleasure not having to listen to his bullshit anymore!

The trouble with Coldwell is, he believes he’s above everyone. Sadly the only time that’s true is when he stands on a step-ladder.    A tall one.


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

One thought on “Self-Delusion knows no bounds with Leonard Coldwell believing he cures everything!”
  1. Great post, and I love that closing graphic too. That “testimonial” in the screen shot may very well be real, but I started thinking about it and thought that it probably isn’t very new. Or if it is, I reasoned, it has to be based upon old information. After all, the writer, Joann Perryman, mentions GIN. So apparently she experienced that great Lenny healing power at a couple of Global Information Network events, or at one of Loony’s boot camps that he held during the time he was on the GIN teat.

    I decided to do a little research. I Googled “Joann Perryman GIN event” and came up with this, which includes another testimonial from Ms. Perryman, regarding a Loony boot camp in Charleston in June 2011.
    Yup. That was back when Loony was benefiting from and pushing GIN, even though, as he later told us, he knew it was all a scam.

    As we all know, Loony would still be a struggling nobody pushing his borrowed, stolen, and made-up wisdumb had it not been for Kevin Trudeau providing him with that enormous platform. I wonder if Ms. Perryman realizes that by writing to Loony, she has just opened herself up to being spammed and scammed by the IMBS-ing U Master Baiter’s Seekrit Klub. I hope she doesn’t fall for it, but she seems rather the gullible type.

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