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Picture and update added below 30/10/13.

Update added on the bottom of the post August 28th ’13

Abe Husein, that infamous 15 minuter, needs support so badly, that he uses false accounts on Facebook to talk to himself!

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.52.58 AM

As some of you know, Abe likes to make videos on YouTube about the ongoing saga with Kevin Trudeau’s court case, and boy does he like to embellish!

In an effort to garner support for the pretty pathetic number of views each of his embellished rants gets, Abe has turned to giving himself a pat on the back via one of his fake Facebook accounts. One of several he has.

However, when this was brought up with Abe, he emphatically denies that he is his alter-ego, MySweetAngel, or as he was previously known, Angel Sharp.

One of the reasons I love Facebook, is because it doesn’t delete your history unless you delete it yourself. Which means I was able to capture the screenshots below, from a previous conversation Abe and I had, long before he blocked me for revealing him as a charlatan and liar.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.31.49 AM

I was on my angel account for a sec lol

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.31.13 AM

Abe however, chooses to lie to his little band of followers, by posting disclaimers about talking to himself:


If while reading that, you hear the sounds of laughter mixed in with vomitting, don’t worry, that’s just me in the background.

Linguistic footprints are easy to spot and Abe has at least, tried to cover his tracks with careful editing, but still failed to hide his grammatical cock-ups.

Abe also continues to delude himself in believing that he started all this against Trudeau. Apparently the FTC, the Feds, FBI, the court cases, etc, had nothing to do with any of this, despite most of it going on for years, long before Abe was even involved with GIN in the first place!

Abe further tries to belittle people with whimsical statements such as this:

Others forgot who the target was and started on their own path. They r just mad because that was the wrong path to travel and that’s why nobody even knows who they are.

The target, Abe, was the fraudulent deception being perpetuated within the GIN club, only you decided to make it a personal attack on Kevin Trudeau. GINTruth.com was and is and will always be, about revealing the frauds and fraudsters in GIN and other MLM’s. It is not about attacking the concept of GIN or the organization itself – that’s not at fault. As for nobody knowing who we are, let’s see…it’s two days since you posted your latest bullshit video up on YouTube, and you have at the current time of writing, just 274 views! I’m guessing a large portion of those are from rewatches by yourself and a couple of other losers who believe the sun shines out of your rear end. Also at the time of writing, GINTruth.com has just today, a total of 17,411 original hits, and lunch time hasn’t even finished yet!

Yeah, no-one knows who us “hatters” really are, huh?! Well now you know who Mark Smith is. And no you sad, deluded, pathetic little wannabe, no one thinks this is a “popularity contest of who can bring down KY and GIN”. Only you, Abe, only you.


Abe fails to remember his past and the fact that true truthers will always back up what they know to be right!

And while we’re on the subject of being a “hatter” (it’s hater by the way, or are you too stupid to run a spellcheck?), let’s review some other content from old discussions, regarding your puppet master, Loony Leonard Coldwell.

It’s no secret that I was the maker and operator of ginstory.com. Even the GIN office were aware of this fact in private email discussions with myself. As a result of those discussions and mutual agreements, and in accordance with the DMCA 17 compliance requirements, the site was closed down. Indeed, as of August 20th, the main part of that site is no longer hosted on servers.

I don’t think people should be paying through the nose for the information that comes from GIN, but that’s just my personal opinion. Some people find great value in the money they pay for such information, while others feel totally and completely ripped off.

People still email me asking for files and links etc – readers please note: requests for information will be ignored so please stop emailing and asking! Thank-you!

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.26.02 AM

So while Abe spouts the line of being honest and truthful, he clearly likes to live a lie himself and bullshit people in the process. And all the while, advocating his own ego. Truth is, Abe’s not smart enough to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes but his own.

I believe Abe, and let’s face it, Loony Leonard Coldwell too, suffers from pseudologia fantastica. This is defined as:

A severe psychological condition, similar to pathological lying, but different in the sense that the person afflicted genuinely believes their own lies. A person suffering from PF will often respond with anger, confusion and even violence when confronted about the truth of their statements.
Someone with PF may believe that they have written a movie script that is going to be filmed in Hollywood next weekend, and will tell their friends this lie every weekend for months.

Only in this case, the movie script is Abe’s incessant desire to believe that GIN is finished and it’s all because of him. Sorry to burst your bubble Abe – but the Truth Studio is not accepting any more Fantasy scripts!



Abe has been encouraging people – X-GINnies, to attend a party in December. What he fails to mention, is that it’s not just any party, it’s going to be a $199 plus-room-cost IMBSingU seminar!



Now while he does mention about seminars, you have to wonder…what the hell is an educated seminar? I mean, aren’t all seminars supposed to be “educated”? Really gotta work on that sales pitch Abe. It’s pretty crap.

Even more laughable, is the fact that fake doctor Loony Leonard Coldwell, states you can get a room for only $84 if you tell the hotel you’re a member of his IBMS (IMBSingU) club! It’s laughable because the hotel has rooms available from $71 on their website, whether you’re a member or not!

Loony further advertises the meet as the “2nd Annual meeting”, yet the IMBSingU Club has only been in ‘bidness’ since January 2013. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we still 5 months away from it being a full year of business? Does Lenny even know what annual means? Or is he confusing it with anal?

And Peter Wink is still obviously deeply involved with Loony, despite trying his damnedest to keep a low profile. Can’t do that if you’re putting yourself out there as one of the main contacts Winky old boy!

UPDATE: 30/10/13.

Abe an 'Honorary' member of the IMBSingU Club!
Abe an ‘Honorary’ member of the IMBSingU Club!

It’s well known in the online social circles concerned, that Abe Husein has stated he is not involved with IBMS (IMBSingU) in any way whatsoever. But thanks to his little idiotic friend, Loony Pervert Fake Doctor Coldwell, we now know this is not the case! Well, he’s been made member of the right club along with the rest of the IMBSingU Bullshitters!

And “Weekend of a lifetime.” with Lenny and Abe? Perish the thought that this would be the best weekend of your life!! I spent a weekend surfing with some bikers who were on their way to India once – scrumpy cider, cold beer and BBQ – now that was a weekend of a lifetime! Loony Len wouldn’t know indifference if it bit him on his overweight hairy butt!


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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