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Award Winning Reporter, Ryan Kath, does an exclusive inside report on GIN!

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41 Action News of Kansas City, MO, made this exclusive news report. The truth is going global, much to the chagrin of many koolaid drinkers.

A 41 Action News team went undercover in Nashville and uncovered some interesting takes on the Global Information Network (GIN), its members and their controversial spokesman, Kevin Trudeau.

Watch the video above, or direct from the station’s website here.

The link also includes the written report by reporter Ryan Kath.

Ryan Kath and his team over at 41 Action News did a fantastic job of showing the true colours of some of the people that attended Family Reunion in Nashville. But there were of course, some just absolutely ludicrous comments made by current members, in order to make Kevin Trudeau appear to be a hero:

And that ‘target’ is growing bigger by the minute as disgruntled members leave GIN and hunt down a return of their monies when they don’t get what was promised to them.

Then there’s this nugget who is so drunk on GIN, she should win an award for being the most deluded individual in the building!

You know, it’s really reverting back to Nazi Germany and communism.

Spoken like a true clump-nugget! (thank you Reese Abbott for the euphamism 🙂 Reese is 9 and knows the difference between intelligence and stupidity when she hears it!)

It’s very obvious the koolaid drinkers are mad as hell over this report!

The truth is, there are verifiable facts that prove Kevin Trudeau has lied and is still continuing to do so!!

The truth is here on this website and others, such as cosmicconnie.blogspot.com and saltydroid.info (contains no holds barred language) Gintruth.com is featured in Ryan’s report. Heck, there are plenty of blogs out there that have been reporting on Trudeau for several years. Maybe now people will sit up and listen!

If you’re in GIN and considering upgrades to get the audios that will apparently, get the ”rats out of your head”, save your money, I can get them to you for virtually nothing!! You’ll be keeping both rats out of your head from GIN, and money in your wallet!

This report showed the true cult like mentality of some people stuck in GIN! And as one Facebook user, William White said.

…who knows how many thousands of people were saved from being scammed, from skipping bills and house/car payments in the name of ‘delayed gratification’, from selling family heirlooms and expensive items to upgrade, from selling jewelry and watches to allow Trudeau to afford his own, …

(Trudeau often states that we should indeed, sell what we can to get to the next level).

William further adds:

This wasn’t a victory for those of us who were frustrated and bitter, this was a victory about stopping something disgusting from hurting many people and families all over the planet. … This was months and months of effort for a short-period of satisfaction in winning, and it was all worth it to know how many lives were spared this greedy scam. I guess we finally understand what ‘delayed gratification’ feels like after all these months of effort put into this, thanks KT 😉

On a personal note, it has been stated by many koolaid drinkers that I am negative, Abe Husein is negative, anyone who speaks against Kevin Trudeau and the GIN scam is negative. Wrong answer! We have used total positiveness to bring this to light. It isn’t about revenge or anything so ludicrous. It’s about getting the word out there so that other people will not fall prey to this ponzi-scheme. And it is a ponzi-scheme.

On behalf of those that have gotten us all this far, Abe Husein, William White, Connie Schmidt, Salty Droid, Omri Shabat, and many others, (sorry if I don’t mention your name here, there are just too many), I want to say a massive THANK-YOU!!


GINTruth.com as featured on 41Action News


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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  1. I have an idea. Why don’t we create a real club made by former G.I.N. members. People need something well done and not this trash made by a sociopaths and convicted person like Trudeau.

    A club for people to help people and not a club to steal money like this stupid clubs made by criminals.

    Anyone with a willing to change the World for better ?

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