When ‘Corporate Branding Specialist’ really means ‘Social Media Dummy’

Sarah Julie Barendse is not someone I care about, or care to really write about anymore. But she has compelled me to post up pictures of a recent social media hate campaign against me, some of which contain credible threats of violence from those following her. If you’re doubtful about her claims, you’ll be interested […]

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Leonard Coldwell – Does he have all the traits of a Nazi sympathiser?

With rants against immigration, refugees and President Barack Obama, could Leonard Coldwell actually be a Nazi sympathiser? You’d be forgiven for thinking so with his recent rants. Yes, my bodyguards came back from Afghanistan and some where [sic] the former Bodyguards from General Patreas thx Dont [sic] worry my dear friend. I also habe [sic] […]

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Lenny hates Obama, Jewish people and now gay folk, too!

As America legalises same-sex marriage across the nation, Leonard Coldwell just can’t help himself and spews forth more anti-gay comments on social media, and then some! America is changing these days and it seems to some at least, for the worst. In the news recently we see story after story about: Bad cops killing innocent […]

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Coldwell’s life is one continuous lie – what a shame to live and know that you will ultimately die, a liar and loser!

Lenny just won’t quit with his lies, fabrications about paid bloggers and disgusting accusations about his critics. But the ludicrous thing about it all is, he expects you to believe him while he offers absolutely no proof of anything he claims – whether business or personal. Let’s review his latest rant. [dropcap]L[/dropcap]eonard Coldwell expects his […]

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Fools Turn, Diagnose, Fall In Love & offer Fool’s Gold!

HAPPY NEW YEAR GINTruthers! Okay, enough of that…back to business. Scamming never stops, indeed it is more prevalent than ever! [dropcap]I[/dropcap] sincerely hope you all had a great festive season holiday. Or for those of you that had to work, like me, you found some way to enjoy yourself one way or another without having […]

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Ebola cures, Civil War and Hatred for the Police.

Coldwell continues to make unfounded claims regarding his education status, while Abe blurts out more hatred for the police, and Sarah chimes in with her cure for the Ebola virus! Well folks, Loony’s at it again. And this time he’s brought along a couple of morons, oops, I mean – friends – Sarah and Abe. […]

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‘Blue’ is dead! But Coldwell degrades it by continuing to lie!

Leonard Coldwell’s beloved pet dog, Blue, passed away earlier this week. My sincere condolences go out for that. But FFS Coldwell, learn when to STFU! Most of you that have been following the Leonard Coldwell fables he comes out with regarding the alleged poisoning of his dog, Blue; the continuous slander of myself, Omri Shabat, […]

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Coldwell continues with his vile lies. His followers stupid enough to believe him without proof.

UPDATE: July 19th 2014: See bottom of this post for additional info. Leonard Coldwell is still spewing forth his lies, with the assistance of his live in lover, Amy Chappell and website operative, Sarah J Barendese. Still trying to claim that his site is down because I hacked him. No Loony, I followed your hosts […]

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